Backwater Valve
Sump Pump Installation

Backwater Valve or Sump Pump?

The best answer is to get both, one for emergencies and the other for even bigger emergencies. If you have neither, you'll need at least the backwater valve, unless your home is below the water table, then you'll also need a sump pump.

Why you need to install Backwater Valve and Sump Pump?

The backwater valve is designed to automatically shut to prevent leakage out of the plumbing fixture if sewage from an obstructed public sewer backs up the owner's drain line.

The primary benefit of having a backwater valve put into your home or building is that it can help prevent any potential flooding. Having the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is secure can be worth it to have one installed.  A backwater valve is your best defense against this scenario.

Sump pumps are devices that are placed in a basement designed to pump out excess water that would otherwise cause significant flooding. They are almost always put in the lowest point in the floor and often placed in their own specially dug pit.

The Benefits of installation

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